We had an early breakfast to get ready for the flight, but we are told that flight is only at 11.00 AM.   Only Goma and Tara Airlines fly from Nepalgunj to Simikot. These  are very much smaller planes and can carry only 16 people at  a time. And backlogs from previous days are cleared first. Kailas 42.jpeg

First batch of the 7 from our group make it to the first flight. Another batch of 15 people leave. Then around 12:30 PM  we all set out to the airport and wait. The earlier batch of 15 is still waiting.  By late afternoon, we are told to go back to the hotel, but a different one this time. Hotel Kalpataru with better rooms and good food. We are told about batches arriving from Kathmandu, who need to be accommodated in other hotels, and hence the move to this new place for the night.



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