We set out early morning after a quick breakfast, with packed lunch. This is the hardest  leg of the parikrama, covering a distance of 20 plus Km. Going real uphill to the Dolma la pass at 5800 m and then a steep descend where ponies can’t be used. It is really cold. Fortunately for us it did not rain. One gets glimpses of Mt. Kailas, but not as great as day one. There is a shack past the descend, where one can get Chinese tea and noodles. By afternoon we reached Zutulphuk.

The hotel here is very basic, like a shed. Toilet is still hole in the ground. Five people to a room. Six of us managed to squeeze in here too. Hot food was served in the rooms. The night was cloudy and cold, but way better than Diraphuk.

You get glimpses of Kailas earlier on this day
Dust, cold and altitude are all against you. Om Namo Shivaya keeps you going.
On the way to Dolma La, you come across a small village. This is smoke, not fog.
Garbage and plasic being burnt (See pic above)
On the way up to Dolma La. The terrain is harsh and rocky.
Prayer flags and snow at Dolma La. The Ponies kept slipping on the hard snow.
A tired pony and pony man on top of Dolma La
Dolma La and a view of Gowri Kund on the other side of the pass. Porters will fetch water from the Kund for a small fee (50 to 150 Yuan typically).
Another view of Gowrikund
Hotel at Zutulphuk.

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