This is the last day of the Parikrama. A short three hour walk from Zutulphuk takes one to the road head where your bus will be waiting for you. There is a teas shop here and you can have Chinese tea and noodles here. Ride to Darchen in the bus, lunch at Darchen hotel. Drive to Purang to complete the immigration formalities, bus back to the chinese side of Hilsa. Cross over and wait for a chopper at Hilsa. We managed to get the last chopper out and reached Simikot. Stayed at the Sun Valley Resort in Simikot. It’s a nice property and has a common bathroom with running cold water. You get to take your first shower after the dip in Manasarovar. Night halt here. Six people to a room.

Zutulphuk to Darchen Pictures


My pony man walks ahead. Prayer flags along the Parikrama route.
Short trek back to the road head.
Hotel at Simikot


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